At Blue Chip Farm…

We keep bellies full, beds warm, and tails wagging.


Here at BCF, there is a steadfast belief that every life matters. We work, every day, to provide the very best care to the animals at our shelter. We happily take them in and care for them until they find a forever home, or for as long as they need us to. We are proud to be a no-kill organization. Our animals receive no eviction notice. For the last 15 years Blue Chips’ mission is to provide care, comfort, and safety to every single animal, and we have done so solely through the support of donationsOur adoption process is the core of our organization. We work to understand the animals first. By learning their personalities and dispositions, and determining what makes them anxious or scared, we are able to effectively place them in environments that make them happiest. On the other side, we care about the families who come to adopt these animals, and want the best fit for them, too. Unlike some shelters, we are not a one-day stop and shop. We ask that you come in and meet with us personally, fill out an application, and tell us your story. Together, we will be able to find your forever companion.

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