We run on the generosity of our supporters.

For 15 years, BCF has existed and operated solely off of the donation of time and money from people whose hearts are for the animals. Small contributions mean as much as large contributions, time and volunteering means as much as money, and we are thankful for every bit of support that comes our way. We have multiple avenues of funding, from our Adopt-A-Kennel program to our Wish List, we count on donors to keep our animals fed and happy. 


The support of our friends has proven to be enormous throughout the years. One perfect example to show the size of the hearts of our fellow dog-lovers, is the story of Sage. Sage was found in a local park as a stray. Once caught, it was clear that she needed immediate medical attention due to a severe prolapse uterus. She was rushed to an emergency veterinarian roughly 2 hours away (all local ERs were full) where she received the medical attention that she desperately needed. She required initial sutures to hold the prolapse in place while her body had time to adjust to the pain medication and IVs. Her body needed to decrease in swelling before she could receive surgery. After a night of medications and much needed sleep, she was able to receive her spay procedure, which would ultimately handle the prolapse as well. After a few nights in the hospital, Sage was released and returned to the shelter to heal. We later learned that she had quite a rough life, being tossed from home to home and suffering from a prolapsed uterus once before! Once she was medically cleared, she quickly found a new family with the best doggy parents and siblings!



Blue Chip Farm is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law (Tax ID 84-1641355).


Donation Opportunities




A card will be mailed to the recipient stating your donation on their behalf.



Purchase supplies and have them sent directly to Blue Chip Farm.



Purchase supplies yourself and mail to or drop them off at Blue Chip Farm.

Friends of Blue Chip

We appreciate your community support!

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