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Janice Preston Publishes Children’s Book about her Beloved Dachshund, Bellie Bear Bart, a Blue Chip Alumna


At Blue Chip Farm,
we hold firm beliefs.

We believe that no dog should
face abandonment – especially
for his or her special needs.

We believe in joyous adoptions – connecting deserving animals with their new, loving families and seeing those tails wagging as family cars pull away. We also believe in miracles – and that’s exactly what Janice Preston’s new children’s book, “Bellie Bear Bart, The Little Dog with the Big Heart” is all about.

Preston’s book explores the true story of her beloved dachshund, Bellie (Bella) Bear Bart, a former Blue Chip alumna with special needs. Bella experienced a Christmas miracle with the love, care and compassion of Blue Chip owner Marge Bart, countless volunteers and of course, Janice and her husband, Ed. The story is an inspiring reminder to everyone that, with the support of giving individuals like Janice and Ed, amazing feats are possible, no matter what kind of special needs an animal might have.

Thank you, Janice, for telling Bella’s story in a touching way and reinforcing the values that we at Blue Chip hold dear.

“Bella is a true underdog. She never needed our pity – just our love. She taught us to believe in miracles, and she’s inspired us to be better humans. Her spirit knows no bounds.”


Meet Bella,

the inspiring dog who the book is all about!

- Janice Preston, author

Meet the Author!

Janice Preston is a lifelong animal lover who resides in the Wyoming Valley with her husband, Ed, four dogs and six cats. Together, the couple has provided a wonderful, fulfilling life for Bella and her siblings – never finding their special needs as a reason to give up on these deserving animals.
Purchase your copy of “Bellie Bear Bart, The Little Dog with the Big Heart” on Amazon now! 
Proceeds benefit Bella’s continual medical care and Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge.

Check out Bella now!

While Bella once faced crippling pain, she has made strides and is living a happy, healthy life thanks to Janice and Ed.

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