Welcome to Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge, a place where animals of all types can find a safe haven from what can be a very cruel world.

Nestled in the rich green rolling hills of Northeastern Pennsylvania is a magical place called Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge. It's a place where no animal is too old or too unwanted to find a warm bed, good food and most of all, love.

Created and maintained for over 10 years by the personal efforts and resources of two wonderful women, BCF has quietly gone about its mission. A mission to provide a sanctuary where older, stray, abandoned, sick or abused animals can wait to be adopted or simply live out their lives in safety and peace.

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974 Lockville Rd., Dallas, PA  18612


Tues, Thurs, Sat & Sun: Noon - 5:00PM

Other Hours by Appointment

(570) 333-5265

Email: questions@bcfanimalrefuge.org

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 Blue Chip Farm does not practice euthanasia as a solution to the overpopulation, stray and unwanted animal problem. We believe there are more humane ways to deal with these growing issues.

The first part of our solution is education. BCF has been an active and outspoken proponent of preventative education. BCF representatives have spoken at schools and other public venues on responsible pet care and the need to spay or neuter pets. 

The second part is adoption, giving an unwanted animal a second chance. These animals make great pets, they just seem to be more appreciative of kindness and a loving home.

The final part of the solution is for organizations like Blue Chip Farm to be there to provide a safe place for those animals that become the helpless victims of circumstances.

Volunteers Wanted

We are looking for sincere, dedicated people who love animals. Blue Chip Farm Animal Rescue is seeking volunteers for days or evenings for help in the kitty cottage as well as walking dogs, brushing them, cleaning up after them, etc.  If you are interested in volunteering, must be at least 16 years of age, please call us at, (570) 333-5265 or visit our volunteer page.

Thank you in advance for your help.